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Cleaner by Augustro icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 0.99

Cleaner by Augustro

Cleaner by Augustro is a powerful and efficient offline junk cleaner and space optimizer with in-built automatic junk cleaning options. It has no advertisements. Key Features: ★ Powerful junk scanner. Detects most of the junk files, cache and temporary data. ★ Safe manual cleaning, with confirmation popups before cleaning items. ★ Smart automatic cleaning with several configuration options. ★ WhatsApp cleaning options: Clean WhatsApp Sent and Received files manually and automatically. ★ Exclusion list: Exclude files and directories from junk scanner easily. ★ Custom/User-defined clean items: Add your own custom clean items to junk scanner. ★ Automatically clean when device storage reaches a value (75%, 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%). ★ Automatically clean when total junk reaches a value (128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB). ★ Automatically clean at reboot. ★ Automatic periodic cleaning: Clean periodically for an interval time (Options from 5 minutes to one month interval). ★ 1X1 Home Screen Widget. ★ Notification for Automatic Clean: Notification with all necessary automatic clean details. ★ Device storage info. ★ No advertisements. Cleaner by Augustro supports latest devices too, It doesn't require root permission for its proper functioning. We are working hard to make Cleaner by Augustro your favorite cleaning app, Please mail us for support/bug report/feature requests etc. We will surely get back to you within 24 hours. NOTE: Cleaner requires WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission to detect junk files on SD card and for cleaning them. NOTE: This app is not affiliated with any 3rd Party companies including Whatsapp inc.


Block Tank Wars 2 Premium icon
$ 3.99 Free!

Block Tank Wars 2 ...

Premium version without ads. Block Tank Wars 2 is the sequel to the first successful part of the game Block Tank Wars. Integrated enhanced gameplay and computer graphics based on the previous part of the game. Not only tanks upgrades are available now but also skills and bonuses which were not accessible in the first part of the game. Each level is worked out in detail and well-balanced. Old-version blurry tanks turned into high-end drawn action! Features: * 72 + singleplayer missions with comprehensive levels * 7 different tank types for your choice * each tank can be upgraded and equipped with new work tools! * skill system and improvement! * no donations, the content is well-balanced * encompassing gameplay of the first part now is improved! The game is launched and will be constantly updated. Add your ideas and corrections to our game community!

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Infinity Dungeon 2 VIP - Summon girl and Zombie icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 0.99

Infinity Dungeon 2 VIP ...

■ VIP version Effect 1) 60 Gems + 60 Rubies (=3$) 2) Remove ads(except compensation video ads) ■■■■■Resurrection of warrior family■■■■■ Unique and cute design and simple games to the sequel of the popular Infinity Dungeon! Defeat zombies with a cute daughter! The dream team of wizard, Knight, summoner, dwarf are back! Is it a Idle game? Or is it a defense game? Differentiated game! Good game that doesn't attract money trading! ■■■■■ Game Features ■■■■■ ■Joy and feeling of striking of a group of battles! Exciting to beat many zombies! Cool zombie combat operations of warrior family! ■ Variety of characters! Various monsters  that a summoning girl summons ! Countless zombies who tackle the warrior family! ■ Various game modes! Avoid or Defeat zombies! Fight zombie dogs with monsters of a summon girl! Beat Supergiant zombie ! Get rid of strange monsters that give strange messages! NO time to get bored! ■ Beauty of control! Summon girl who can adjust the tempo of the game! Each time you touch the summon  girl, all the zombies of stage appear. If you use the skill well, you can kill many zombies! Let's prepare for the endless attacks from zombies with a variety of magic of wizards and the attacks of inspectors that you can control! Let's leave now to beat zombies with magic and sword and summon monsters of a summon girl! This game request as shown below to save data. • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE We do not use any your personal information. Page : Sound By : Made By Zabob Studio


Clipboard Pro icon
$ 2.99 $ 0.99

Clipboard Pro

Designed to be practical and easy to use. Convenient clipboard app with overlay display. Automatically record all copied text. You can record the content and URL of the article you care about, copy the product name, etc. and search the web later. Because it has memo function, it is useful for shopping and going out. • Can be quickly opend anywhere • Easily buckup memos • Easy to Use You can check this app's functions and operations with a free trial. Please check the functions and operations by free trial before you buy. Features ►Overlay display Can be displayed in the upper layer of other apps. ►Floating button Can be quickly opened anywhere by the movable floating button. ►Quick search Search the word when copied. ►Import / Export Easily backup memos.

Music & Audio

Augustro Music Player icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 2.99

Augustro Music Player

Augustro Music Player is a powerful and elegant offline audio player without advertisements. Now you can try Free version before purchase: Augustro Music player [Trial] Key Features: ★ Beautifully crafted user interface and animations with material design. ★ Floating Widget. ★ 3 Home Screen Widgets (Big, Medium, Small). ★ Intuitive and smart media controls. ★ Built-in 5 Band Equalizer with Virtualizer, Bass Boost & 10 awesome presets. ★ Manage and play music by album, artist, songs, genre, playlist, and folder. ★ Swipe to change songs in Play Screen. ★ Exclude audio folders from media scanner (Never worry about Whatsapp Audio files!). ★ Smart playlists with favorites, most played, recently played, and recently added tracks. ★ Exclude small audio clips (Less than 30 seconds clips, helps to remove game audio files, notification files etc). ★ Sort songs on basis of Date Added. ★ Quickly search across albums, artists, genre and songs. ★ Gap less playback support. ★ Ringtone Cutter to help you make your favorite ringtone. ★ Folder view for all mp3 music files. ★ Sleep Timer. ★ Edit metadata of mp3 files: tracks, albums, artists, genres. ★ Beautiful themes for your liking. ★ Lock screen media controls with full screen Album Art. ★ Crossfade support. ★ No advertisements. Augustro supports standard music file types including mp3, aac, flac, ogg, wav etc. If you cannot find your music in Augustro, please click the “Rescan Music Library” menu item from the "Settings" to rescan your device. We are working hard to make Augustro your favorite music player, Please mail us for support/bug report/feature requests etc. We will surely get back to you within 24 hours. Disclaimer: The Album arts used in Screenshots are royalty free copyright free images downloaded from web.


The Game of Life icon
EXPIRED $ 1.49 $ 2.99

The Game of Life

MAKE CHOICES, GET PAID, OR LOSE IT ALL! Attend college, accept a job and play minigames in this interactive app that is fun for the whole family. Watch as board piece characters come to life and make their way through the various stages of life on this spectacular, 3D animated reworking of the familiar physical board. PLAY MULTIPLAYER MODE ONLINE! The Game of Life features a new, unique and much-anticipated multiplayer mode. Online matchmaking lets you play in a whole new way online. Match and play against other online players as you all spin and race in the direction of the last yellow tile of life’s road. THIS GAME FEATURES: • ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Match with other players and race to the final yellow square • LOCAL PLAY - Play with up to three friends on one device • FAST MODE - A new, shorter game mode where you will be faced with a different victory condition! • MINIGAMES - Put your skills to the test and compete head-to-head in a variety of minigames • CHAT - Send players expressive emoticons during online matches THE GAME OF LIFE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2016 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

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Infinity Heroes VIP : Idle RPG icon
$ 0.99 Free!

Infinity Heroes VIP : ...

Paid version benefit - Day dungeon reward 20% Permanent Increase - Bag increased by 10 spaces - PVP and dungeon ads removed * Reward video ads are included. * You can load your free version data with a Google login. ===== Game Features ===== ▶ Quick and easy gameplay! A simple touch a few times to the leveling hero! ▶ 8 unique heroes! Berserker - Stun monsters in one shot! Knight - Shake the enemy's camp with powerful skill! Crusader - Protect your heroes with a strong shield! Thief - Move quickly to the enemy's back and kill them! Hunter - Kill your enemies with powerful arrows! Wizard - Weak body, but powerful one! Shaman - Turn the tide of the battle with Resurrection skill! Healer - Restore the energy of our wounded heroes! Set up a party to go on a journey! ▶ Are your heroes strong enough? Challenge your dungeon! From easy to hell dungeons! And challenge the Ranker in endless competition PVP! ▶ Automatic play system for people who have no time If you're busy, turn off the game for a while. Our heroes automatically play the game! And automatically picks up the equipment and collects the material!


MechCom 2 - 3D RTS icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 0.99

MechCom 2 - 3D ...

MechCom 2 is a real-time strategy game. Set up new bases, collect resources and design your own mechs to crush the enemy. The game keeps everything you like in the original while adding new mechanics and improvements. Intro: In XXII century multinational corporations have grown in size and become more influential than the world's governments. The most powerful of them explore space for valuable resources. You are a distinguished military commander going to join one of the corporations and take part in a conflict for the planet Tiberius, where some rare minerals were discovered. Features: • Stylised 3D graphics • Simple and intuitive controls • Different game modes • 16 unique combinations of mechs • Challenging AI • No Ads or In-App Purchases Good luck and have fun!


Speedometer GPS Pro icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 0.99

Speedometer GPS Pro

This is Speedometer GPS Pro version. You can try this free version: This app can track your speed,distance,time,location and also can get start time,time elapsed,avg speed,max speed,altitude... Features included - Save your track info. - Switch between car speedometer and bike cyclometer. - mph,knot and km/h mode. - Display satellites status. - Speed chart. - Map integration,get your location. …… Facebook: If you have a translation suggestions, please contact me!

Travel & Local

Contour lines plugin — OsmAnd icon
EXPIRED $ 1.49 $ 3.49

Contour lines plugin — ...

Contour lines plugin — OsmAnd is a plugin for 'Maps & Navigation — OsmAnd' app. The plugin provides extremely detailed offline topo maps that can be zoomed in and out without losing the quality. These topographic maps can also be complemented with a layer of 3D terrain representation ('hillshade'). Contour lines plugin — OsmAnd is a useful reference tool for hikers, tourists, cyclists, and any topography enthusiast. To download the contour lines and hillshade maps, please go to OsmAnd > Download maps > choose the country you need > Contour Lines/Hillshade. You can enable this layer of information by activating the plugin in OsmAnd > 'Plugins' and also enabling OsmAnd > Configure map > Contour Lines/Hillshade layer. The global data (between 70 degrees north and 70 degrees south) is based on measurements by SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) and ASTER (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer), an imaging instrument onboard Terra, the flagship satellite of NASA's Earth Observing System. ASTER is a cooperative effort between NASA, Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), and Japan Space Systems (J-spacesystems).


Johnny Bonasera 1 icon
EXPIRED $ 0.99 $ 2.49

Johnny Bonasera 1

** EPISODE 3 AVAILABLE NOW! ** This is the story of Johnny Bonasera, a kid that was beaten and humiliated by a punk gang. Fueled by an insatiable desire for revenge, Johnny Bonasera promises revenge against each of the punks who bullied him. One by one. Unscrupulous. Mercilessly. • 2D HD graphics in TV cartoon style. • An adventure full of hilarious dialogues and puzzles. • Outlandish characters to talk, interact, beat... • Available in English, Russian, Italian, German, French and Spanish.


Angel Fish: VIP icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 0.99

Angel Fish: VIP

▶ VIP Privilege! ◀ 1. Gold acquisition + 50% 2. Maximum number of Hearts + 5 ★Featured on Google Play New Game of the week! (18.09.28)★ Fishing meets role playing game! Fantastic mix of casual fishing mini-games, immersive fantasy stories, and RPG elements for you! Frustrated with other games? Here comes the cure! ▶ Story ◀ The legendary fish called 'Angel Fish' is only visible in the eyes of the royal family! Catch Angel Fish and get Angel Rings, and become the 18th King of the Rafanian continent. You, as a royalty who want to be recognized as a candidate for the throne, must earn the King's trust. ▣ Game Features ▣ ▶ Recommended for ◀ ▷ Those who like cute and beautiful characters. ▷ Those who prefer games that are easy to play, but hard to master. ▷ Those who like collecting, growing, and decorating. ▷ Those who like the deep blue ocean and exciting adventures. ▷ Those who like SNG games, where you manage your own kingdom. Anyone from fishing beginners to masters are all welcome! You will find this game enjoyable! ▶ Contents ◀ ▷ Navigate the ocean of various themes. ▷ Meet some interesting and interesting boss fish. ▷ Collect character costumes that you can mix and match. ▷ Build a bigger and stronger ship. ▷ Summon cute and mystical spirit that will help you with fishing. ▷ Collect many legendary treasures through sea adventures. ▷ Catch special fish and display it in your own aquarium. ▷ Collect and strengthen medals that will improve your reputation. ▷ Take it easy with automatic fishing. ▷ Defeat the World Boss: Kraken! ▷ Build and manage your own kingdom. Dear player, good ratings and reviews really help us indie developers making games! ■ [Angel Fish] Requires following authorization ■ 1. Address Book Access (GET_ACCOUNTS): * It is used to prevent fraud and abusing the game ads using your Google Play account. * We will not access your address book file, and you can rest assured that we will only use the authorization to verify your account. 2. Access your device photos, media, and files (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE): * It is necessary to temporarily store or load the various game settings (ex: sound, optimization, etc.) required for the gameplay.


App Backup & Share Pro icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 3.49

App Backup & Share ...

All the features you'll ever need in an application Management/Backup/Restore/Share software, with powerful and reliable performance that you can not compromise. There are so many reasons why it is preferred over other similar apps !!!! Features: ● Backup and Share any System/Internal/SD Card App(APK and/or App Data) ● Portable app data backups(single file), restore on any supported device (usually other apps generate more than one file per app - which is messy) ● Backup your apps(APK and/or App Data) WHEREVER YOU WANT - Internal Storage/REMOVABLE SD Card/USB drives(OTG)/any Cloud Storage you desire. ● Share any apps(APK and/or App Data)(even system apps) - using whatever you want - Bluetooth, Shareit, Wifi Direct, NFC, IR or any app that supports file sharing (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and whatever you can imagine) ● Local and Cloud backup options. Cloud Backup supports: - Google Drive - Dropbox - OneDrive - and All the others(this one is available with 'share' option) ● Fully automated backup options(Selected Ones/All/None). It even works for uninstalled apps. ● Both, Backup(Cloud and Local) and Share feature offers backup/share of application files with the same name as on the phone's launcher. So you don't have to rename each file before cloud backup/share like other apps force you to do [most of the apps can only backup(cloud) & share .apk files with the name "base.apk"] ● Search all the apps (System/Internal/SD Card apps) in one place. Also, search through all the available backups. ● Directly uninstall apps without going to app settings (some apps may not be uninstalled, particularly the system apps) ● Easily update and rate any apps available on google play. ● Dedicated file browser to set the local backup location. So, no need to type the folder path explicitly like other apps force you to do, just browse and select your desired folder ● Dedicated tabs for System/Internal/SD Card/Archived apps/backups. ● Shows all the important information about each application and gives access to each and every application settings, whether it is a system/Internal/SD card app - all in one place, with just a few clicks. ● Each row of application list contains useful information like the package name, version, full date and time of installation, and most importantly, COMPATIBLE ANDROID VERSION range associated with each app, so that you know in advance that the app you are sharing can be installed on the target device. ● Helpful indicators for showing available backups(and their condition) on the device(inside SD card / Internal storage), so that you don't have to remember which app is backed up and which is not ● Shows install location of each app with icon which is pretty much helpful while searching for apps ● Clean and Beautiful look, with 4 insanely beautiful theme (including pitch black) ● Fast and responsive. no ads... promise! Does what it says - nothing more, nothing less. ● And many - many more ! Available languages : - English - Russian (Sergei Surov) - Czech (Mirus) - Spanish (SrRattlerCC) - Simplified Chinese (赵帅) - German (Olaf Nagel) - Italian (Massimo gattomorbido) - Polish (Chris) - Ukrainian (Микола Тимощук) - Slovak (Šindel Braňo) - Turkish (YASİN ÜNLÜ) - French (Maxime) - Portuguese (Frédéric W.) If you are not satisfied in any way, or it is not functioning as you expected, you can ask for full refund, anytime. We'll be glad to hear from you. Also, you can request any feature or help. For any purpose, Email at * Some applications may not install on some devices and some devices will not be able to run some applications as expected(or will not be able to run them at all). System apps are the main example of this. Some system apps are particularly designed for your device and will not be installed on other devices. This app has nothing to do with it. * App Data Backup/Share requires root access. APK Backup doesn't.


Tap Tap Fist VIP icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 2.49

Tap Tap Fist VIP

■ VIP version benefits: Reward 1000 Gems + Remove benner. (Compensation video ads will not be removed.) ◆◆◆ Tap Tap Fist ◆◆◆ John who was killed by an accident reincarnated in another world, but he didn't reincarnate as a man nor a monster, but a fist... How will he ‘punch’ through this situation!? Home page ◆ Free for All! Auto-fist is FREE!!! Did your finger ache tapping the screen? Now you are free from pain. Auto-fist will do the tapping for you for FREE! Turn on Auto-fist and drink Speed Potion to attack at Max Speed. ◆ More than 100 Fists for use Looking at fist is boring? No. We will show you more than 100 unimaginable fists for you to see. Somethings like lumber, glove to Zeus and Dragons! ◆ 50 Partner Skins to choose from There are 50 cool-looking Partner Skins to choose from to Pimp your FIST. I am promise you that there ARE girls in this game. ◆ Various Mates to Aid You Higher Level and Skin effect is not enough to kill the Boss? Then call in some friends for buffs. They will increase your ATK and Potion Drop Rate and Critical Rate as well. ◆ Hit enemies for a set time will activate Rage Mode. Kicking enemies for a while will activate Rage Mode which will make all your attacks to do critical damage. Use it wisely to kill a boss much easier. ◆ Various ways to Pimp your FIST It's not just the strength, but increasing level of your ATK Speed, Critical Rate, Rage etc. to become stronger. DaeriSoft's games will continue!


HD Camera Pro icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 3.99

HD Camera Pro

HD Camera Pro version: No ads, full feature & 30 days money back guarantee, full refund when not satisfied. HD Camera is a perfect camera & a great photo editor, high-resolution HD video, create beautiful animation effects, make a unique video, high-quality for Android phones. This is also one of best photo app in thousand selfies apps, a free picture apps, free cams for you.
 With the HD Camera app, you can capture high-quality HD images right on your mobile device. It's like a professional digital camara, it's simple, lightweight and easy to use. The HD Camera is powerful, full of features suitable for mobile phones and Android tablets. It includes photo editing tools professional, beautiful camera effects with thousands of vivid and cute, free art filters. Beautiful photo editor, edit photo, easy object collage, photo frame and includes themed funny stickers FEATURES - Best camera app, take photo beautiful, take high-resolution HD pictures - 1080p camera, HD video camera pro & full HD video 1080x1920 - 4K camera that make professional pictures with 4k images resolution 3840x2160  - Filter camera, selfie filters: Lot of filters for pictures and make beauty face, professional pictures - Customize photo effects cute, fun, easy humor - Photo editing tools, image app: cut, paste, create photo frames, stickers, effects, ... professional - Great beauty tools, makeup, skin correction: brighten, whiten, clear acne, conceal the face - Advanced red-eye removal. - Face detection automatically - Selfie smart camera, smile detection - Best selfie camera & beauty camera - Optional front camera or rear camra. - Select scene mode, color effect, white balance and exposure compensation. - Selfie editor: add text on camera photo, make smooth skin for picture perfect. - Classification of sticker fun for users, like motion stickers, smart stickers, emoji faces stickers, photo animation stickers, music stickers, etc - Flare effect lens or laked light effects. - Anti-shake, timer, continuous shooting, focusing focus. - Edit photos taken by other camera apps. - You can set your edited photo as wallpaper or share your photo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,... - Make a professional pictures & beauty face by a lot of camera filters effects - Night camera feature that can still make a beauty, professional pictures even in night with dark environment. Selfie light is On/Off automatically depending on needs. - Dual camera: support both front and back kamera, switch by a touch - Auto & manual camera: camera shots automatically by a timer or manually take the photo. - Easy to open taken photo, gallery right on camera app - HDR camera video recording: Camera plus HDR mode, improve images with low camera light - Camera apps for free but option to upgrade to premium. - Image format for camera png, jpg, ... The HD camera app is free and works with Android mobile devices and tablets. It includes all the functions of professional phhhoto app. Download the HD camera selfie app, professional camera photo to your phone, get ready to capture the best moments of your life that you do not want to miss, and let us experience all the great features from the Camera HD.


Classic Sudoku PRO(No Ads) icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 2.99

Classic Sudoku PRO(No Ads)

Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle game. The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 sub-grids that compose the grid contains all of the digits from 1 to 9. The sudoku logic puzzle is completely free and no advertisement is used. This innovative sudoku free game has several best features like game time and history. The game has two game play style- Classic and Unlimited. Classic mode contains 1000 unique puzzle of four difficulty levels. Unlimited game style support three different game modes: 1. a 6x6 game field with 2x3 subsections 2. a 9x9 game field with 3x3 subsections 3. a 12x12 game field with 3x4 subsections For each game mode there are four different difficulty levels, that are not measured by the number of set values but rather by the solving strategies needed to solve the game. The game designed under GNU General Public License. Website:


Weather Radar Pro icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 3.99

Weather Radar Pro

This is best weather radar app that helps you to know any weather condition, rain, storm, hurricane tracker ... Features: - Real time weather maps & weather radar animations with your personal blizzard & hurricane tracker: Rain, snow, clouds, wind, temperature, Humidity, wave, pressure, current. - Weekly, daily, hourly forecast - Full report parameters: location time, temperature, atmospheric pressure, weather condition, visibility distance, relative humidity, precipitation in different unites, dew point, wind speed and direction... - Units: Temperature (C/F), Time format (12h/24h), Precipitation (mm, inch), wind speed (km/h, mi/h, m/s, knot), pressure (inHg, hPa, mbar) - Detect location by GPS and network - Search and manage multiple locations - Supported notification - Real time update widget - View detail of daily weather and hourly weather. - Chart to manage and view hourly and daily weather - Long range forecast: Today, tomorrow, 3 days later, 7 days later. - Transparent widgets with a lot of weather widget styles, all sizes supported Webview content: Some place in app, we use webview to load content, the data content is provided by Windy, all our implement fit the policy and we are authorized to use this content in the app. If any problem, please contact us at, we have proof document. Thank you for downloading and using the app.


Shadow of Death: Dark Knight - Stickman Fighting icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 0.99

Shadow of Death: Dark ...

A Brand New Dark Fantasy Epic Plunge into the darkness and experience the greatest pocket sized fantasy RPG of the ages. Whip out that shadow blade and select a customizable dark knight to go on a side scroller adventure anywhere at anytime. Freely experiment with multiple gameplay styles, wicked rare armor sets, and robust skill trees to create the best shadow knight possible. An offline fighting game with the soul of a console RPG is not what this generation of gamers deserves, but needs! The shadow of war is rising, will you accept the challenge? Choice to the Players Choose from a cast of four unique shadow knights each representing a vastly different play style. Whether players want to slash or force projectile their way to victory is in their hands, quite literally! Delve into a robust skill tree and deep inventory system that encourages endless combat experimentation and customization. We even have a young boy's soul in a hulking suit of armor, what other game can top that? Conquer the Darkness in Style Inspired by classic fighting games and modern action RPGs, combat is a high-octane blend of magic and weapons based hack and slash gameplay. An intuitive touch screen interface provides different options to strategize combat and devastate enemies. The unique battle system is accessible for any player yet deep enough to satisfy the most hardcore action RPG fans. What are you waiting for? Grab that mystical dark sword and plunge into darkness! A Beautiful Ruined World Driven by an all new animation system and graphics engine, players are going to be saying, "I can't believe it's not a console game." That's right, the game looks that good! Optimized for mobile gaming, the gothic fantasy world of Aurora is uniquely cel shaded to deliver jaw dropping magical effects and epic combat sequences to life. Play Anywhere, Anytime We put the “pocket” in pocket sized RPGs! Experience the thrill of combat anywhere, anytime as Shadow of Death is an offline game. No need to be online to defeat the shadows. Challenge the Universe When beating down shadow monsters just does not cut it anymore, take your game online! Vie for ultimate supremacy as you battle with other players in the Arena. Unlock the Dream Team Tired of grinding to unlock the next character? The paid version of Shadow of Death has all four shadow warriors unlocked from the start. Now players can conquer the darkness like never before and get to the good stuff way faster. Story: A Dark Knight's Journey Aurora, once a prosperous kingdom has fallen. An ancient darkness reborn savages the land with brute force. Crops decay, winds scream with rage, and the dead stir. In his lust for power and forbidden knowledge, a king has forsaken his people to ruin. The people cry for hope. A lone knight, cleansed of memory but driven by conviction is all that stands between utter annihilation. Marked by destiny, he walks alone towards the whispering shadows. Take your game further and level up with us! Engage our team on social media for the latest events to get gift codes, rare armor sets, loads of crystals, and other juicy prizes. VISIT US: Shadow of Death – Dark Knight – Stickman Fighting Game fanpage: LIKE US: group: FOLLOW US: Twitter: GRAM WITH US:


Simple Calendar Pro - Events & Reminders icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 0.99

Simple Calendar Pro - ...

Simple Calendar Pro is a fully customizable, offline calendar designed to do exactly what a calendar should do. No complicated features, unnecessary permissions and no ads! Whether you’re organizing single or recurring events, birthdays, anniversaries, business meetings, appointments or anything else, Simple Calendar Pro makes it easy to stay organized. With an incredible variety of customization options you can customize event reminders, notification sounds, calendar widgets and how the app looks. Daily, weekly and monthly views make checking your upcoming events & appointments a breeze. You can even view everything as a simple list of events rather than in calendar view, so you know exactly what’s coming up in your life and when. ---------------------------------------------------------- Simple Calendar Pro – Features & Benefits ---------------------------------------------------------- ✔️ No ads or annoying popups ✔️ No internet access needed, giving you more privacy & security ✔️ Only the bare minimum permissions required ✔️ Emphasis on simplicity – does what a calendar needs to do! ✔️ Open source ✔️ Fully customizable themes & calendar / event widgets ✔️ Translated into 29 languages ✔️ Export settings to .txt files to import to another device ✔️ CalDAV calendar sync supported to sync events across devices ✔️ Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly & event views on the calendar ✔️ Supports exporting & importing events via .ics files ✔️ Set multiple event reminders, customize event reminder sound and vibration ✔️ Snooze option for reminders ✔️ Easily add holidays, birthdays, anniversaries & appointments ✔️ Customize events – start time, duration, reminders etc ✔️ Add event attendees to each event ✔️ Use as a personal calendar or a business calendar ✔️ Choose between reminders & email notifications to alert you about an event DOWNLOAD SIMPLE CALENDAR PRO – THE SIMPLE OFFLINE CALENDAR WITH NO ADS! Check out the full suite of Simple Tools here: Facebook: Reddit: Don't forget that if you uninstall any paid app within 2 hours, you will automatically be refunded. If you want a refund anytime later, just contact us at and you will get it. That makes it easy to try it out :)


Spheroid Icon icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 1.49

Spheroid Icon

FEATURES - 16K+ Custom Icons, 6 dynamic calendar icons - Compatible with Multi Launcher - Vector Graphics, Every Icons made Manually based on Vector - Quad HD cloud based Wallpapers - Frequent Updates This is not a stand alone application. In order to function you need a custom launcher. Most of the popular launchers supported. CREDITS & for free license. Dani Mahardhika for CandyBar Dashboard.


Simple Gallery Pro: Photo Manager & Editor icon
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Simple Gallery Pro: Photo ...

Simple Gallery Pro is a highly customizable offline gallery. Organize & edit your photos, recover deleted files with the recycle bin, protect & hide files and view a huge variety of different photo & video formats including RAW, SVG and much more. The app contains no ads and unnecessary permissions. As the app doesn’t require internet access either, your privacy is protected. ------------------------------------------------- SIMPLE GALLERY PRO – FEATURES ------------------------------------------------- • Offline gallery with no ads or popups • Simple gallery photo editor – crop, rotate, resize, draw, filters & more • No internet access needed, giving you more privacy and security • No unnecessary permissions required • Quickly search images, videos & files • Open & view many different photo and video types (RAW, SVG, panoramic etc) • A variety of intuitive gestures to easily edit & organize files • Lots of ways to filter, group & sort files • Customize the appearance of Simple Gallery Pro • Available in 32 languages • Mark files as favorites for quick access • Protect your photos & videos with a pattern, pin or fingerprint • Use pin, pattern & fingerprint to protect the app launch or specific functions too • Recover deleted photos & videos from the recycle bin • Toggle visibility of files to hide photos & videos • Create a customizable slideshow of your files • View detailed information of your files (resolution, EXIF values etc) • Simple Gallery Pro is open source … and much much more! PHOTO GALLERY EDITOR Simple Gallery Pro makes it easy to edit your pictures on the fly. Crop, flip, rotate and resize your pictures. If you’re feeling a little more creative you can add filters and draw on your pictures! SUPPORT FOR MANY FILE TYPES Unlike some other gallery viewers & photo organizers, Simple Gallery Pro supports a huge range of different file types including JPEG, PNG, MP4, MKV, RAW, SVG, Panoramic photos, Panoramic videos and many more. HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE GALLERY MANAGER From the UI to the function buttons on the bottom toolbar, Simple Gallery Pro is highly customizable and works the way you want it to. No other gallery manager has this kind of flexibility! Thanks to being open source, we’re also available in 32 languages! RECOVER DELETED PHOTOS & VIDEOS Accidentally deleted a precious photo or video? Don’t worry! Simple Gallery Pro features a handy recycle bin where you can recover deleted photos & videos easily. PROTECT & HIDE PHOTOS, VIDEOS & FILES Using pin, pattern or your device’s fingerprint scanner you can protect and hide photos, videos & entire albums. You can protect the app itself or place locks on specific functions of the app. For example, you can’t delete a file without a fingerprint scan, helping to protect your files from accidental deletion. Check out the full suite of Simple Tools here: Standalone website of Simple Gallery Pro: Facebook: Reddit: Don't forget that if you uninstall any paid app within 2 hours, you will automatically be refunded. If you want a refund anytime later, just contact us at and you will get it. That makes it easy to try it out :)


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QR and Barcode Scanner ...

SuperB Scanner PRO - QR and Barcode Scanner, one of the fastest and safest QR and Barcode Scanner apps in the Google play market and is essential for every Android Device! It’s not only limited to scanning but you can also use it to generate QR/Barcodes. How to scan (Simple User Guide)? To scan any QR code or barcode, simple open the application and align the code. QR Code reader will automatically recognize it. SuperB Scanner (QR and Barcode Scanner) Features: ► All-in-one Scanner and Generator App: Scan all types of QR code and Barcode (1D & 2D code types) and generate different types of QR Codes & barcodes with this QR Code generator/barcode generator. ► Instant Scan. ► Simple and easy to use. ► Flashlight: Flashlight supported for low light environment. ► History: History is auto saved for all generated or scanned QRCode and Barcodes. ► Wifi QR code supported: Auto connect to wifi hotspot without password. “SuperB Scanner PRO - QR and Barcode Scanner” can scan and read all QR / barcode (all 1D & 2D code types) including text, url, contact, ISBN, calendar, product, email, location, Wi-Fi and many other formats. After scanning user is provided with only the relevant options for individual QR or Barcode type and can take appropriate action. A must-have QR Code Scanner/QR Code Reader/QR Code Generator app for Android Device! Download now! If you have any questions/suggestions regarding our QR and Barcode Scanner app, please contact our superb scanner team: This the FREE version:


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Draw Rider Plus

Features Draw Rider Plus: - All tracks - All vehicles - Character customization - Mode Challenge - Mode of inversion of colors - Mode of slow motion - No Ads - All the tools in the editor Draw Rider - top bike race arcade racing on Android! Can you get to the finish line safely and securely? Draw Rider is not an ordinary race, here you are waiting for insidious tests from many hardcore levels. Get gold medals, becoming the best racer on each track, to unlock new levels and new characters. Thanks to the level editor you can create new tracks and share them with other players. Participate in the race for a while, communicate and evaluate the tracks of other players, become a part of the Draw Rider community! Crazy figures: - Over 20,000,000 Game Over! - Over 6,000,000 downloads worldwide! - Over 200,000 amazing levels created by users! - Over 500 new levels every week in the community! Features: - Funny ragdoll physics - Realistic bike physics - Online bike race - Blood, blood, blood (can be disabled in the settings) - Best races on bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs, electric bike, segway, mini motorcycles bike, flying skateboards - Customizable management - Character customization - Various game modes (time trial and race for points) - Over 150 exciting races - Level Editor - Ability to share your levels with friends! - Mode of color inversion and delayed action when falling - Great community game Subscribe to our youtube channel: Become a fan of Draw Rider on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Exclusive photos you will find in our Instagram: We also have a blog on Tumblr: See also other apps from 17Studio: Draw Rider, Draw Rider Plus, Draw Rider 2, Slender Last Sleep, Mixel, Super Lumberjack, The Light Story, 4 Fingers, I'm a Hero


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You find yourself trapped in one of 13 giant cells, filled with amazing logic puzzles ranging from simple to impossibly difficult. You meet your friendly, and slightly lonely robotic buddy, Chester. Together you must use your brain power to solve the puzzles, using physics objects in creative and innovative ways to help you along the way. CELL 13 starts out quite simple, as Chester guides you through CELL 1. However, you will quickly realise that not everything is so straight forward. You're going to have to think outside the box to continue through the cells. Use crates, balls, glass, elevators, laser bridges and most importantly portals. Individually these objects may not be useful. But together, with your creativity, you may find a solution to escape the cells. Featuring an ambient, surreal environment and soundtrack, you will enjoy the freedom and flexibility available to explore and solve the puzzles with no time limit. CELL 13 features 13 long, puzzle packed cells which will keep you entertained and challenged for many hours. Will you pass the ultimate test? A truly great achievement, if you survive. CELL 13 Includes: • 13 large free cells featuring over 65 unique, challenging puzzles • Ambient, atmospheric background music • Beautiful graphics and a stunning surreal world • Ultra smooth 3D graphics • Easy to learn, very challenging to complete. • Play offline, no wifi required. • No advertising - ever! • No In App Purchases. Physics Objects include: • Portal crates - a unique, never before seen invention! • Laser bridges - solid laser beams you can drive over, or redirect with portal crates • Elevators and moving platforms - they make it easy to get from place to place, but you may have to switch them on first! • Low poly balls - giant yellow low poly balls you can roll along and use to set off large buttons • Colour coded puzzle boxes - put them on the right coloured sensors to unlock doors! • Rotating platforms - use them wisely, they can block access or laser bridges to clear a path. • Many more objects to use creatively to solve the puzzles and escape the cells. • One of the best offline games!

Role Playing

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Mystery of Fortune 2

Mystery of Fortune 2 is the eighth episode of Fortune Chronicle Episodes. This is the official sequel of SRPG Mystery of Fortune(2014). Explore dungeons with your own army and try to make the most efficient corps. You must charge your phone while playing! ★Features 1. 25 available units and over 35 monsters. 2. Battle macro system that helps battles. 3. Changing class system lets you acquire various skills and strategies. 4. More gears and items to equip and collect. 5. Total 85 dungeons in 14 states to explore. ★Rules of the game 1. Every battle are conducted automatically. The Player gat set up strategies and level up units for the battle, before the battles starts. 2. You need to set up a fighting AI called battle macro to units before the battle starts. For example, you could set up the best strategy for battles by assembling condition and run sentence like - “Use skill when encounters enemy in close range” and “Heal yourself when you lost 50% HP”. 3. In the Pub you visit before you enter the dungeon, you can get some hints for your strategy, hire new units, purchase items and battle macro to prepare for the next battle. 4. Once the battle starts, the Player spectates the battle. You can use items to heal your units or fill Ether when you need. 5. When your units clear enemies in the current wave, they automatically proceed to the next wave. If you lost every unit in the battle, exploration ends. 6. When the exploration ends, you receive gold and items that you can use to upgrade your units. ★ How to use Google cloud-saving ★ Caution: Google cloud-saving overwrite data to your phone, so your existing data might be deleted. Using when you transfer data after changing device only is recommended. ★ If your data is deleted during using cloud-saving, it cannot be recovered. Please pay close attention. ★ If you want to use Google cloud-saving, you should be logging in Google account first. 1. Click ‘Google Play’ button (green game pad icon) on your existing cell phone (or tablet). 2. Sync saved data by clicking “Save Data” button. Don’t close application or break the internet connection. Data might be lost. Provided that the process is stuck at 0% too much time, close application and restart. 3. Click ‘Google Play’ button on your changed cell phone (or tablet). 4. Click “Load Data” button and sync saved data from servers. Don’t close application or break the internet connection as same above. 5. When you start app, previous saved data would be loaded. Now you can play the game. Please sync saved data by clicking “Save Data” button to keep losing your data. Please use “Load Data” when you newly change your cell phone or lose saved data only. ★This app support tablet mode.


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The Mystery of Blackthorn ...

Once again your Uncle Henry has asked for your help in the search for a mysterious artifact. Embark on your own quest in this beautifully designed classic point and click adventure puzzle game. Explore an all but forgotten 14th century Blackthorn Castle, surrounding dark forest and structures. Discover hidden passageways, clues and puzzles along the way! Uncle Henry has been hunting lost treasures for as long as you can remember. His legendary stories of adventure excited your imagination as you were a child growing up. Now with your newly acquired archeology skills, he has been reaching out from time to time for your help in tracking down some of these difficult to find treasures. In his latest quest, he has been hunting for a mysterious artifact last known to be at Castle Blackthorn in England. As the tale goes, centuries ago a wizard once lived in this castle and stole a valuable artifact from a local watch maker and hid it away somewhere in the depths of the castle. You must hurry and help him on this amazing adventure before anyone else finds the mysterious artifact! This captivating adventure game has: - Custom designed beautiful HD graphics! - Custom composed soundtrack and sound effects! - A dynamic map to show the screens you have visited and current location - A camera that takes photos of clues and symbols as you discover them - Dozens of puzzles, clues, and items - Auto saves your progress - Available for phones and tablets! Fast-travel and Hints available as In-App Purchases: - Instantly move around the map reducing travel time with Fast-travel - Get helpful text hints that nudge you in the right direction and complete walkthrough videos for each hint and puzzle Fast-travel and Hints available as In-App Purchases: - Instantly move around the map reducing travel time with Fast-travel - Get helpful text hints that nudge you in the right direction and complete walkthrough videos for each hint and puzzle Visit our website to sign up for our newsletter and learn about upcoming games!